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Friday, August 19, 2011

If everything comes your way, you are in the wrong lane. ~ Anon

Back in the Distant Past Liddy studied for her Learner's License.  It took her several attempts to attain it ~ & having got it I had a hairy few months while she translated her mother's visual instructions into her kinesthetic understanding.  Meanwhile Star rode shotgun in the back seat issuing instructions, unable to decide whether it was worse trying to calm her nervous mother or endure her sister's obsession for speed while steering the car at whatever she was happening to look at.....She sniggered while a mortified Liddy sat in the middle of intersections trying to get her stalled car going again, or eventually hissing under her breath after I banned her from commenting, that trying 1st gear might help!  Naturally Star's massive self~confidence was galling & Liddy really wanted to be here when Star first started to drive.  Naturally Star cut things fine!

Life has been busy so despite Star's birthday coming & going we hadn't got into the transport department to sort Star's paperwork out.  This morning Liddy offered to pick Star up & take her in before going on to the airport to meet Theo's plane.  Firstly Star missed her boat.  When I finally managed to get on to Liddy she was only just leaving her meeting & would not be on time for the 2nd boat either.  Star got on a bus & Liddy met her at  Queensland Transport.  At which point a great many people would have assumed good money was about to go down the drain.  It never pays to underestimate Star.  All her life that child has learnt while seemingly paying attention to nothing!

She blitzed her test.  The one question she got wrong was not because she did not know the answer but because she doesn't take enough tests & misunderstood what she had to do!  Joss has only just learnt to drive now he's 26 & the army taught him ~ in a tank!!!  Liddy tried half a dozen times before she passed.  Theo took over 20 attempts & Dino's still on his Ls.  Star is the first of ours to pass first time around!  It is amazing what she can achieve when she is motivated & wants something!

Liddy has  visions of revenge.  I think she is going to be disappointed.  Star is going to be a pretty good driver I suspect.  She is calm & unflappable, & unlike her sister, not a risk taker.  And she has the benefit of this being her second time round!  The first time was while Liddy was learning. 

When my cousins learnt to drive my aunt sat in the back seat with a blanket over her head.  I know the feeling ~ so who made it illegal?!

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seekingmyLord said...

Star behind the wheel...I keep thinking she is just too young. How long have we known each other now?