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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Books, Books & More Books.

One of the blogs I visit had this meme on it recently, and since it’s about books, I couldn’t resist putting it on mine.

Feel free to put this and your own answers on your blog, or leave a comment below so we can all see and perhaps get some new recommendations! (You’re really supposed to list one book per question, but I’m feeling bookish and have decided to list just what I like! per question.☺)

One book you’re currently reading:  Fasting by Jentezen Franklin & Holiness, Truth & The Presence of God by Frances Frangipane

One book that changed your life: Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster & The Search for Arthur, Geoffry Ashe.

One book you’d want on a deserted island: The Friendly Persuasion, Jessamyn West.

One book you’ve read more than once:
The Merry~go~Round in the Sea, Randolph Stow.  The Waterlily, Kate Llewellyn.  They're both by poets & simply gorgeous to read!  Monkey Grip, Helen Garner.

One book you’ve never been able to finish: I have a long, long list of stuff that wasn't worth finishing ~ & I didn't. Too long for here! Starting with War & Peace! And James Joyce's Ulysses.  Pity, as I rather like Joyce normally but that was unreadable!

One book that made you laugh:The Pursuit of Love, Nancy Mitford.  The Child Hunt is the most hilarious thing I have ever read!  They're a Weird Mob ~ John O'Grady

One book that made you cry: Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Dee Brown.  Seven Little Australians, Ethel Turner.

One book that was a waste of time in your opinion:  Lord of the Flies, William Golding . Ghastly book!

 One book that stunned you: The Handmaid's Tale, Margaret Attwood.

One book you keep rereading: The Greengage Summer ~ Rumor Godden

 One book you’ve been meaning to read: The Keeper of Lost Causes ~ Jussi Adler-Olsen;  The Tiger's Wife: A Novel ~Tea Obreht;  Among Others ~ Jo Walton

One book you believe everyone should read: The Bible.

Finally, grab the nearest book. Open it to page 56. Find the seventh sentence:

"For without a love of the Truth, no area of our lives can be corrected."  ~ Holiness, Truth & The Presence of God, Francis Frangipane


Jo said...

I love reading these sorts of things - Most of those you have listed I have never read. But I can say I have read and finished "War and Peace" when I was around 16!! And I really liked "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Attwood. I had to read "Lord of the Flies" in year 11 and I found it very disturbing at that age.

It is not difficult to sense in these figures the lingering influences of the rule which governed Egyptian art. Page 56 The story of Art by E. H. Gombrich

Ruby said...

I too loathed Lord of the Flies at school, as well as the teacher we had for which ever year that was. I usually loved English and had a marvelous teacher in year 12....makes all the difference :-) which is good for home educators to remember.
I worked as a Library Assistant for quite a few years BC and always loved that title "Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee" but never read it. Must find it now on your recommendation.
Thoughts and prayers for you still xox

seekingmyLord said...

What a really good meme! I will be adding mine later when I have time to think and write it out.

Ganeida said...

Jo: I read Dostoyevesky instead. Much darker.

Ruby: Dee Brown was a journalist so the book is quite dry but the information is heartbreaking!

Seeking: Yeah! I thought this was absolutely brilliant! Looking forward to yours.

Julie said...

So fun - I love these memes too.

And I've only read a couple of the ones you have. I look forward to checking several of these out very soon. You've intrigued me. :)

Ruby said...

A strange providence. Just now, I was up feeding one of the bubs and some American show was on and Wounded Knee was mentioned. :-)

Gerry Snape said...

Oh dear Ganeida...what is wrong with me? no answers please! I was teaching in Folkestone when the film Lord of the Flies came out and it absolutely facinated me and made me really think about human nature and all the silly platitudes that get bandied around about children. Well that came true in a not good way here this week.But then wonderfully peolpe started taking on responsibility for others through the sadness of the worst side of humanity...whether child or adult. sorry if this is a bit of a rant!

Ganeida said...

Gerry: Have you read Godden's An Episode of Sparrows? A more realistic setting but dealing with the same theme. I believe one of the movies of The Flies the director lost control of his cast & there was nearly murder done. Not a good book.

Ruby: You & I have these moments, don't we? ☺

Julie: I don't think I've read anything on your list but I will use it for inspiration. ☺