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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Don't think that I'm silly for liking it, I just happen to like the simple little things, and I love cats! ~ Michelle Gardner

When we brought the boys home their carers were very anxious they would not only be well loved but very well taken care of because they had been inside cats only.  I have only ever confined my cats to the house at night ~ more for our wildlife's sake than the cat's!  And any half determined cat could certainly escape from our house if they put their mind to it.
When we arrived home we carried the cat cages upstairs because my bedroom is not only a nice large room that was fully capable of accommodating litter trays, food bowls, water bowls & two spooked cats; it is a quiet room tucked away at the top of the house where the boys could get over the trauma of moving.

We opened the cages & Marlow promptly disappeared under the bed, deeply traumatized.  Kirby rushed to the widow & his eyes just got bigger & bigger.  Our windows run from floor to ceiling across the full width of the bedroom & they give a spectacular view across Ooncooncoon Bay, down the hill through the ferns & soap trees, & into the twisted treetops of the Ironbarks.  You are right at bird level & you can see everything that is happening in the trees, down the hill & on the water. 

 Kirby was enchanted.  You could practically hear the cogs of his brain whirring:  Really?  I get to live here?  All this is mine?  He couldn't wait to get outside & for the days we kept them carefully confined to the house Kirby prowled from window to window [& we have a lot of windows!] staring out goggle eyed.  Just the same, when we began taking them outside, carefully chaperoned, every moving shadow, every dropped leaf, every screeching bird had both cats flat to the ground, tails down, worried eyes enormous & Marlow would shoot back into the house quivering with fear.  Kirby quivered ~ but stood his ground & gradually he worked his way round a very large territory.

We don't really have to worry about traffic.  We've got hardly any traffic, hardly any neighbours &, thanks to Issi all, the local dogs are terrified of our cats.  Our biggest problem is ticks & every day I work my hands through both cats' thick fur checking for the tell~tale lumps.  We have watched with amusement & amazement as Kirby has rustled his sooky brother out the door, encouraging him to enjoy some time outside with him, enjoying the sunshine, the rich smells, the huge variety of movement & something has happened to Marlow.  The kitten that was so neurotic I was concerned about his psychological health has gained confidence & become a much more secure cat.

If anyone pokes their head out the door both cats suddenly materialise from wherever they've been, delighted beyond words to have their people outside with them, twinning round ankles with happy chirrups & deep rumbling purrs.

Just now the days are absolutely glorious!  Kirby is one smart cat.  Why wouldn't you want to be out in a day like this?!


Julie said...

What a view! Gorgeous....

And it was fun to read about the kitties.

Blessings on you all Ganeida.

seekingmyLord said...

My kittens are spending more time outdoors now but tend to stay on the deck for now. I am sure that will change...I have a bell to call them home for eats just in case they do wander farther.

Jo said...

Charlie loves to be outdoors in the garden on a warm day - she just loves lying in the sun. However Ruby is an indoor cat (for her own safety) and I sometimes fee sad for her not being able to enjoy the wind in her whiskers and the sunshine on her fur and are trying to think of ways that she can be outside but still safe from danger.