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Saturday, August 6, 2011

"I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry." ~ Anon 

Several years ago Star bought me a flowering hyacinth for Mother's day & every year since, despite apalling negelect, it has duly flowered during the winter months.  The flowers never last long.  By the time the bulbs have decided it is cold enough to spurt the weather has already turned & become warmish.  Still the sight of the bluey flowers gives me a warm & fuzzy feeling, reminding me that I am loved.

So I have been turning over in my mind, because the cats have gone quite psychotic around Liddy, [they know something is up!] what I can give my very practical daughter to take with her to serve a dual purpose: something practical; something to remind her that she is loved.  I have had no mind boggling ideas yet.

She has bought the very fancy rusack required ~ 10% off & a jolly good thing too!  She has gone through her clothing & decided what she wants to take & what is to go in the thrift bin.  She is slowly working her way through her room packing away a life.   It's a bit like it was going through my dad's stuff after he died.  Some stuff no~one is going to use any more!  None of it will be required here again.

Meanwhile the wog that very nearly shut down the school hit our house.  The men succumbed quickly & painfully.  One landed in hospital, the other at the drs surgery.  Both have been down for the count for over a week.  I, who don't have a business bone in my body & am Queen of Disorganization, have been battling to keep some sort of order in Dearest's little business.  I can not package anything; I know absolutely nothing about stamps or the system he uses to keep track of anything, but I have been issuing invoices & addressing envelopes during a week when, naturally, our sales went ballistic! I cannot believe people like to buy little pieces of coloured paper ~ some of it very boring to my eyes indeed~ but it seems they do.

So it's not that I don't love you, people.  It's just we're a little preoccupied around here & going down for the third time.  School?  What school?


Anonymous said...

It is great that the little business is booming though!
What a bitter sweet time it must be for you and all of your family. Praying God's blessing on you all and especially Liddy.
The not so anonymous Ruby xo.

Jo said...

I pray that those that are sick recover quickly and that you don't catch the nasty bug:)

Have a nice week, as nice as it can be.


Jeanne said...

Give her a small (brag book sized) album of photos of her favourite people animals and places. In my experience people in less developed countries love looking at pictures of life back home, and I'm sure it will give Liddy pleasure as well.

Just a suggestion.

seekingmyLord said...

Ganieda, my friend, I cannot imagine packing up a daughter when things are going well, so you have my sympathy and prayers.

Sylvia said...

Have been following your Liddy's journey.

When I left home, my mom gave me two things I still cherish to this day.

1. A book with hand written recipes and verses. Something about her handwriting evoked home. Recipes when I was far away and missed the smell of home, helped me recreate them.
2. An old, worn cross which she wore. I did not want a new one, I wanted one she wore. It has been more than 10 years since I left home to start a new life in America. I have my own little family now, but I still carry that worn cross with me. It reminds me of my mother and the Lord Jesus whom she taught would always be with me no matter where in the world I went and even if she was not with me.

I know the feeling. But you are anything like my mom and me which you seem to be, you and Liddy will survive this and become closer than ever, I promise.

Gentle Hugs,

Ganeida said...

Thank you everyone. All is well. We are in God's keeping. It's just the wrenchings are hard.

Jeanne: cell phones are the new brag books. lol

Sylvia: yes, Lid did the receipe book last time. She's not a jewellery person so I'm not sure about the other. Am still praying about it.

Jeanne said...

Yes, but it is not the same!!! An iPad is, but I'm assuming you're not after that sort of gift...

Jan Lyn said...

Wow, I sure hope all are on the mend soon?!? Sounds nerve wracking to say the least. Life kind of becomes school at these kinds of times here...hope it passes quickly. Prayers for the rest of you too and packing up Liddy at such a time.