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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend soccer.

When does a mother stop being a mother?  My bet would be never.  So why is it considered strange I'm the only parent to ever turn up to Liddy's games?  Star sings; Liddy plays football.  I go to concerts & stand on sidlines privately wondering [because we don't want to set a bad example now, do we?] if the ref needs to borrow my glasses.

So soccer is what I did Saturday, for a lack~lustre game.  Liddy picked me up & we chatted about nothing important all the way into Runcorn.  I sat in the sunshine & shivered as the wind slithered through the gaps & cheered when my girl put in those lovely crosses the way she does & asked her where my goal was [no pressure, girlie, but that is why I come to watch] & congratulated the rest of the team .

Ten weeks & counting down.  Why would I not go to watch? She will still be playing in Chile but I won't be there to see.  It will be down to skype ~ if the connection doesn't drop out.  Everything in her life I will  know second hand. Only so much time is vouschafed any parent ~ & it goes all too fast.  I am numbering the days because there are all too few of them left.


Ruby said...

You are a wonderful, devoted Mum, Ganeida! Every hour we have spent at the recitals and the sides of sporting fields are precious moments to us.
Would you believe I am still in the Royal Bris. :-( I am missing those routine things with the children very much. Store them up in your memory to tide you over when Liddy is gone.

HomeGrownKids said...

I know what you mean about feeling like the only parent who goes to these things? My dd is a state player in her sport and it doesn't matter how old she gets, I am there. And why not? This same girl is getting married in two months... my how the time has flown by. I want to have as many treasured moments as I can.

Bye... popping over to Ruby's place now ;)

Ganeida said...

Ruby: I feel for you. ♥ Hospitals are just horrid.

Sue: Indeed...though I have found with the soccer the mums turn up at state level even for the adult tryouts & games. Not a lot but some. Lid would be devestated if I didn't show at least some of the time & Star wouldn't know what to do with herself without her Marmee to cling too as she spins giddily! lol

Jo said...

I am surprised with the lack of parents, I thought there would be lots at these games.

Ganeida said...

Jo: it's an adult team. Some partners/hubbies with the kids but not many parents though some of the women are young; about Lid's age.

seekingmyLord said...

Maybe you could add one of those one of those countdown tickers on your blog so we can countdown with you...?

Just a thought.

joyfulmum said...

you're a good mum, that's what you are!!! :)