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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

‘Queensland is notoriously huge: most parts of it are still unknown, except to the people who live in them’. ~ Nettie Palmer

You will all be absolutely delighted to know Star & I are spending today in Brisbane. And Saturday.

The girl is singing. I do not know what I am going to do. It is raining, a persistant mizzling drizzle. I may need a week to recover. Wish us luck.


Jeanne said...

I prescribe bookshopping. And coffee shopping. Maybe together. Have fun...don't get lost!

Ganeida said...

I may get to sing ~ which, given my singing voice, should be interesting. Otherwise the library is looking good.

Jo said...

Take a good book and find somewhere to read it.

Anonymous said...

Looks almost as ghastly as Sydney :-)

Go to Monty's.


Ganeida said...

Siano: Seriously? I couldn't find Monty's from QPAC if I tried with both hands for a month of Sundays!!!! Besides, just driving in turns me into a cot case.

Jo: Had book; sang instead.