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Friday, December 17, 2010

The way it is.

 It's one of the tragic ironies of the theatre that only one man in it can count on steady work--the night watchman --Tallulah Bankhead

Everyone has had enough. We were without power for nearly 48 hours after Thursday's massive storms, yet still running for the final lead up to The Gothic.  The girls & I got home after a really full day to find the islands blacked out & no chance power would be restored soon.  No dinner.  No showers. No caffeine.

Liddy navigated me in to the Old Museum yesterday; Star has to do it today.  I am not looking forward to this but being a Saturday I'm hoping the traffic won't be quite so bad.  I'm hoping Star will have her head securely screwed on & nothing majorly untoward will happen.

I wanted to woos on today [& I don't think I'm the only one] but heads are starting to roll [as they always do this close to a big production] & only a fool would pull the tiger's tail at this point.  Everyone is being yelled at. I am so pleased this isn't the first time Star has worked with John Curro, who is conducting.  The kids climbed in the car yesterday & let of steam by being as silly as they possibly could but if you know rehearsals you know they would have spent most of their 4 hours standing round waiting & having to be absolutely silent.  Thankfully Star takes all the *artistic temperament* flying round in her stride.  As she herself says, she has far too big an ego to take it personally. I'm not even going to attempt to justify that one.

She will go straight to a performance tonight so we will be home late but thankfully tomorrow we are back in QPAC & not only is that far easier to get to, I know where to get parking & how to get home again.  Dearest is feeling neglected ~ because he is.  The cats are beside themselves. The storm flattened my corn & demolished my tomatoes but I do not have time to sort that just now.  I have yet to do any Christmas shopping ~ nor do I want to.  I just want the madness to stop ~ which it will: in 4 days, 11 hours & 29 minutes [yes, I am counting down]. And we will all say, Hallelujah!


Bonnie said...

We'll be saying a prayer that the rest of it goes smoothly and quickly! Bless you Momma!

Joyfulmum said...

oh Ganeida! wishing you some more relaxed days ahead......

Ruby said...

That storm looked like a real beauty!!! Hope all is back to far as electricity etc. I know it's a few more days until your life gets a little more back to normal!
Do hope you can get some really relaxing, re-energising time then.
I positive :-) I feel very laid back when I read what you are managing at the moment! xo

Finding Joy said...

Saw new stories on the storms (Qld and NSW) and thankful they didn't go any further south. Poor thing, it is exhausting just reading your blog at the moment. Will be thinking of you in 5 days time.

seekingmyLord said...

My, my, Ganieda! You and I need to have chocolate together.

Ganeida said...

Bonnie: Thanks so much for the prayer. Things are running as smoothly as possible but the house should be declared a disaster zone. ☺

Rosemary: I'm afraid it is the nature of the beast. This is just our busy season. I did know that & cleared our calander accordingly.

Ruby: the storm was a bobby~dazzler! Lid was driving in it, basically racing it from Beaudesert. Thankfully she evaded the worst of it. Star was singing. I do love a good storm but the aftermath? Not so much. ☺

Jo: I think NSW has enough water at present. lol At least my SIL has. She's turned into an island again.

Seeking: chocolate would be good. Better yet, prayers, which I have some chance of recieving! ☺
Early starts, late nights for the next few days ~ right up till Christmas.