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Thursday, December 9, 2010

It only gets more insane.

I believe I said the arts were a whore.  The highest bidder on Wednesday was one of the local schools for their carols night.  I put Star on a boat to travel with another mum & returned home to find an e~mail saying she was wanted in at QPAC for a sound check after the concert. I considered having an extreme meltdown but logistically it was not something that was achievable on such short notice so I managed to breathe & send our apologies but poor old Star knew nothing about it until she arrived at her concert & then had people offering to take her in & out.  In was never the problem.  Out certainly was.  Wisely she reasoned she wouldn't make that last boat & came home, leaving stray bits of her uniform in someone else's car.  That is so unlike Star it just goes to show how tired she now is.  She has always been very organised about her choir belongings & very rarely slips up like that.

So we are down to the wire for The Spirit of Christmas.  Star is part of a demi~choir [a small choir within the choir] who are on hand held mikes to sing Carol of the Bells. They will move to the front of the stage for this, taking the high soprano part.  Hm.  Counting is everything ~ & Star is not the only one who dislikes counting. I am over this carol.  I have heard it non~stop for days while Star gets it up to speed & the counting right ~ & believe me, it is way too big a song for our small Barina!  All the kids are tired & voices are starting to crack on the high A but if I know our AVAE kids all will be well on the night.  They lift for a performance, finding that little extra something they need.  I got one of the last of 3 tickets for Saturday night's performance.  If I were rich, which I'm seriously not, I would have got a ticket to every performance because I know Star looks for me [very discreetly] when she knows I'm in the audience.  Once or twice she's seen us when not expecting it & has startled; it's nice, knowing she likes having us in the audience.

Liddy has been sharing the driving with me.  So nice because it means I have company while Star does her starry thing & because it alleviates some of the stress.  Between us [& the lovely lady at QPAC] we have finally sorted out our parking woes.  No wonder I never found it.  It is hidden down a narrow one way street [& I avoid one way streets on principal as it is far too easy to make a major screw up on them] but the cost is more than reasonable & I can park for as long as I like. 

Next week we move to The Old Museum for the final Gothic rehearsals, which are becoming a little fraught.  This is such a mammoth performance I am hardly surprised, though this close to performance one would hope most of the major bugs had already been ironed out.

I know you are all probably as over this as I am but if I don't dump here I might just go slightly loopy.  Bear with me.  We are nearly done & I can breathe, Star can sleep & Liddy can stop rolling her eyes.


Julie said...

You can dump all you like and we'll all read. My daughters are grown now but the running about was very familiar to me in some ways. Peace and quiet soon, Ganeida? Blessings....

MamaOlive said...

You've certainly been busy lately! Makes moving sound easy. ;-) Good thing you have escapism down pat.

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Oh, poor Star. She sounds incredibly busy and tired, just like you. Hope Christmas week is a lot less hectic!

Joyfulmum said...

I am feeling your relief as I read this:)
So, is any of this going to be on national TV? I believe you mentioned that some time ago or maybe I was tired and read too much into things!:)
I just want to know coz I want to see your Star on TV!
btw, my mum tried to get some patterns for you but the shops were not too keen on parting with any, same old story about Indian culture, never want to share the secrets of the trade. Did I say that? yes unfortunately it's true! even recipes are not shared among friends (not truthfully!!!) I could go on...sigh!
anyway all they would part with was some pictures of models wearing their fashions which is not what I think you want? but if you do let me know and I'll post them to you.

Bonnie said...

Bless your heart! You are such a good Mum to do all of this running around and supporting. It will all be over someday and I bet you will even look back on this with fondness. Well...maybe. ;-)

Ganeida said...

Julie: Briefly after Christmas. The holidays are always a busy period musically so we often start schooling late to give ourselves some recovery time.

MamaO: yes indeed. You know me well. ☺

HEM: Christmas week is worse. I think we are putting Christmas on hold. I have no time to shop. Will see how fraught I am by the end of this.

Rosemary: no worry about the pattens. Thank you so much for trying for me. ♥ I really do appreciate it.

As for the concerts; they are all filmed but often archived & I have no idea what happens to them from there. The Gothic is being filmed as a doco: The Curse of the Gothic & will be shown at Melbourne's international film festival next year. At some point it should go to air with the ABC. When I know details I will post something.

Bonnie: I don't mind the rehearsals or even the waiting around. It's the driving in city traffic does me in. I'm not made for city life & you should have seen the chaos we caused in the parking station last night! *sigh*

seekingmyLord said...

I wish I could see Star performing in person.

Joyfulmum said...

oh yes please Ganeida, let me know when your Star will be on TV:)
no worries about the patterns, so sorry I couldn't be of more help:(