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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trumpets sound and angels sing

Listen what they say
That man will live forevermore
Because of Christmas Day.

Star is carolling this morning.  I put her on a 5am boat.  Tonight should be fun.

At least she was cheerful this morning ~ given she doesn't like mornings.  She has 2 performances, another tomorrow & we have the island carols on Friday after a Gothic rehearsal.  Great attitude from the girl.  I just wish she showed the same dedication & hard work for her academics!

I have lots on my mind.  Ember is once again tickling my brain cells ~ but I am too tired to be terribly coherent despite several days in a row at home now ~ & Dani, at the Lightbulb, has been chatting with me about the various ways in which we misrepresent the gospel.  I can only hope I was making some sort of sense to her.  And I have been reading.  Philipa Gregory again.  Anne of Cleves [The Boleyn Inheritance] is so much more interesting than I ever would have imagined ~ & much, much smarter;  she evaded Henry's bloodthirsty axe.  Catherine of Aragon too  {The Constant Princess}~ who suffers from a serious image problem with me because I first knew of her as the plump, dowdy little Spanish wife Anne Boleyn overshadowed  ~ but as the child of a Queen in her own right [Isabella of Castille] who wore armour into battle & kameeze in the Alhambra they took from the Moors she was much more politically savvy than spoilt little Henry ~ & managed him far better than any of his succeeding wives, pandering to his outrageous vanity & remaining as a stinging gadfly through 5 marriages yet keeping her head, no mean feat. 

 My reading list is growing ever longer.  I need to read up on Isabella ~ an iron butterfly who sponsored Columbus as well as instigating the Inquisition & seemed to believe her will & God's will were one & the same thing.  Sounds like an interesting woman.

I should dearly like to cancel Christmas but however intricate & embroiled my logistics are at the moment I doubt they are anywhere near the headache The Gothic is.  Yes indeedy.


Ruby said...

The upside to all your hectic days is that you are getting some reading your waits I presume?
Hang in there, girl!

joyfulmum said...

love the picture:) and what can I say about your day hopefully I will get to these books you talk about:)

LightBulb_88 said...

Ganeida, you were definitely making sense and speaking my language last night! Regardless, I always come away with something to ponder after speaking with you - thanks! <3

seekingmyLord said...

Ganeida, I have been ready to just hide myself away for a good fortnight, but I suppose I will take just a few hours here and there as they come. When you up for conversation, give me a call. I think my computer can handle it now...I hope it can.

Ganeida said...

Ruby: We are on the home run now & as my mum is coming down fort he working rehearsal that is something to look forward to! ☺

Rosemary: the pic was from the Lord Mayor's Christmas Tree lighting she sang at a few weeks ago. As for the reading ~ I am a very fast reader thanks to doing a degree in Lit. I don't often get all the detail but I can tell you all about the big picture. ☺

Dani: I have, tucked away somewhere, a Keith Green [the gospel singer] article on how Christians have mangled the gospel message into something that's just not true. When Star is done I will hunt it up for you. I think you will find it interesting & applicable.

Seeking: I am getting ratty & not nice to know. You do not want to talk to me just now. Trust me on this. I will be better soon but I am going to need a holiday from my holiday! lol

seekingmyLord said...

Ganeida, I am just coming out of mine...perhaps it that we are too much alike at this time of year?