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Saturday, May 29, 2010

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. ~ George Bernard Shaw.

While the rain drizzled down & our temperature did things no good sub~tropical climate should ever do & the cats draped themselves around the heater the way cats do, Dearest & I plodded along with sorting his stamps for the stock books. It is a mindless task rather reminiscent of doing a large complicated jigsaw, & like a jig~saw becomes compulsive. I won't do the footy stars or locomotives; they all look the same to me. Everything else I can wade through. Australia has a huge variety of stamps. Probably Australia Post's only source of revenue. Luckily the vast majority of them are really pretty, which helps, & I can get through a lot of stamps in a short amount of time.
Meanwhile the girls put on the radio & retreated to the kitchen. Anyone who knows my Liddy knows she completely adores her food. No idea where she got this obsession from; not from me!
It's been a while since they've had a really big cook up but the results were yummy: caramel nut slice; banana cake; apricot balls & raspberry cheesecake.
Yeah, that's a heart. Ditz gets creative sometimes. At one point I was called over to admire her melting heart [a butter heart in a hot pot] *sigh*


Mrs. C said...

I had no idea you collected stamps. Australian only or from around the world? And, has the move to sticky stamps wrecked the collector's world or what? How do they deal with that?

Amanda said...

I think I would rather a jigsaw puzzle :/ lol.

How lovely to have daughters who love to cook up such a treat! Yummo!

Jo said...

I am with Amanda - I would prefer the jigsaw. Things we do when it rains!!

Ganeida said...

MrsC: I don't; Dearest does. His obsession is KGVs, probably the most boring stamp in existence, but he is trying to set up a home business with decimals, many of which are really, really pretty. Link on side bar if you're interested. He has a very small world collection by default.

Amanda: me too but I believe a certain someone advised me to be a helpmeet to my mate *sigh* so I am. The treats were indeed yummy.

Jo; The things we do. ☺

Sandra said...

Ganeida, I am tired, I have been busy, but I stopped in and had the energy and time to comment on this one. I agree with Shaw and I would have been happy to be your guest . The cake, oh my!