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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Practical Math.

I never did very well in math ~ I could never seem to persuade the teacher that I hadn't meant my answers literally. ~ Calvin Trillin
You all remember that Ditz & I aren't so good in the math department, don't you? And this semester's math was practical application? Of course you do!

Ever wonder how I get away with the attitude I have when there's a man in the house? I'll tell you how. He's worse than I am! In all seriousness. Dearest is the Practical Man ~ & he's detail oriented. Drives me insane BUT...

Ditz, having waded through yet another syllabus where she gets to practise but never apply all this theoretical math got her come~uppance from Her Father, who in his infinite wisdom decided it was time to upgrade our t.v, now before all the digital changes actually take effect ~ & the person he decided was best suited to do all the on~line research, compare & contrast etc was...wait for it...DITZ!

I had nothing to do with this. I so rarely watch the t.v the last thing I am interested in is purchasing another, bigger, better & brighter model but like many men, Dearest loves his sport & as both Liddy & Dino informed me, there is the World Cup this year & even I crawl out of bed at unmentionable hours to watch our favourites get done over like dog's dinners.

I also need to point out that despite the fact Dearest is now the proud owner of 3, yes THREE, blogs, he is almost completely computer illiterate. [ so no, he doesn't maintain his own blogs] I think he knows how to turn the thing on ~ & so long as no~one has fiddled he can get to his sites & his forum & at a pinch he can type in a comment but he still has trouble uploading & downloading his pictures, he forgets things like signing in & then blames the computer for not working ~ & he can't e~mail. Nor can he work out how the search button operates so he went into cahoots with Ditz while I was sleeping the sleep of the deserving.

Would you let your 14 year old do this? If you're a homeschooler you actually might. Dearest put Ditz in charge, told her what he wanted, told her how much she had to spend, gave her her size restrictions & let her rip. When she had made a decision she had to justify it to him & he ok'd her choice. When I got up they were waiting for me like 2 eager puppies pretty pleased with themselves but wanting my debit card so they could actually implement the purchase. Yep, Ditz had to do all that bit too! As a consequence the package is coming in her name ~ & she is carefully monitoring progress via the tracking code.

Did she do good? Oh yeah! Will she remember anything? More than she will from her books. The thing is though, my Ditz can be a very practical little bunny but there are times I really can do without the practical application. I have no problems when Ditz is applying her common sense to buying a pair of jeans, which we did on Wednesday before choir, but I really object to being told it is cheaper to buy a set of sheets rather than just a fitted sheet. I do know a set is cheaper but the fact of the matter is it is not really cheaper in my house because absolutely no~one sleeps with a top sheet & the tops sheets languish unused in my cupboards & take up room that could be better utilised. Nope, we're a household of bottom sheets & doonas so, no, Ditz, I am not buying a set no matter what the price tag says! I can't win any way I jump.


The HoJo's said...

practical sewing for Ditz, working out how to sew up all the top sheets so they become bottom sheets :o)


Ganeida said...

lol We're still working on a straight seam! ☺ Never mind corners. I think fitted sheets need more material than they give you on a top sheet too ~ but I could be wrong on that. See the math component.

Siano said...

Hey - I'm all in favour of your having a top sheet: I'll use it when I visit LOL

Jo said...

LOL - I don't use top sheets (well, only in summer) -- so we only ever use the bottom and like you the other one stays in the cupboard. Why can't you just buy the bottoms.

Ganeida said...

lol Siano, we have a top sheet for you! ☺

Jo: Oh, you can just buy bottoms up here, & I do, bit Ditz thinks I should always buy the matched pair. Most of my lot doonas even in summer. We're a little strange that way.

Amanda said...

We live in the tropics and we use top sheets... ALL year round lol. The kids don't though, strange creatures they are :P

I never liked maths... just the mention of the name gives me shivers ;)

MamaOlive said...

But you could cut the top sheet up for rags, or quilts, or braided rugs, even. Probably even use them in the garden to keep weeds down (if it's a dark color). Wrap presents in them! Now who's being creative?

Anonymous said...

Use the bottom sheets as fitted sheets. Tie knots in the corners and pull tightly around the mattress. Once you get used to doing it after a few times it works well.

Ganeida said...

Amanda: we're sub~tropical but I feel every little breeze & I do like to be snuggly at night.

MamaO: now, now, don't let's get all creative. You know I haven't time for all that. ☺

Anon: But it wears such holes in the sheets...:{
I can actually do a really neat hospital cornor but when I can buy a fitted sheet...☺

Siano said...

Love the illo - my kind of math!

seekingmyLord said...

Oh,no! I can think of a thousand and one uses for flat sheets! Really! I even dyed regular old white sheets brown made an Indian maiden's dress with a fringe look when I was in a play in high school. At the very least you could buy the sets and give the flats to a charity.