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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I know what a sextet is but I'd rather not say ~Anonymous music student.

Huge day. Bigger than big. Exhausting. Ditz looked lovely & Alison seems to think she should have scored herself a pass. Sitting in the waiting area I could barely hear Ditz until she hit her high sustained notes & then it was like an erupting volcano! Funny kid. Unhappy to be left alone with the examiner ~ there's a reason this kid hates exams. Still she did it & again, as Alison said, she might be soft now but there's a big voice in there somewhere! We do actually know that. We get the full benefit in the car! With raunch'n'grunt.

I believe she lost the plot with her conducting & turned 4/4 into 3/4 ~ which hardly surprises me. Her counting has always let Ditz down.

The choir exam was cancelled at the last minute so we had 5 hours to kill before rehearsal. We went & saw Mao's last Dancer. Lovely music, gorgeous dancing ~ though Ditz could have done without the tights & cod~pieces! Simplistic politically but I didn't go to see this movie for the politics. I went for the music & dancing & was amply rewarded.

I know not all of you want to know all the grubby details about Ditz's music but I have family who read here, who are never at home [You know who you are! :P] or gadding about the tropics [yes, you!] & this way they can't say no~one ever tells them anything. Tell the world. Tell the universe. It pays to advertise. [BTW that quote origninated with D.L. Sayers in Murder must Advertise. I do so love Peter Wimsey!]


Anonymous said...

Go, Ditz!

Persuaded said...

Personally I love hearing all of the "grubby details" ;)

Jan Lyn said...

I love hearing your details as well--you have your own special way to convey them and make me smile. Your family is fortunate to be able to keep updated this way. I often hope mine forget my addy, however. ;)