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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Share a Little Prayer With Me.

"The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed" ~ Hudson Taylor

I have two daughters ~ the lunatic one & the other one. Chalk & cheese. The difference between strong drink & Adam's Ale. I'm more like Ditz but it is Liddy I admire.

I have watched, with some bewilderment & the sort of bemusement that just doesn't comprehend how on earth this even happened, the Lord plant a seed in Liddy's heart that is about to reach fruition.

I am a parent of little patience & when I lose it I can rant to some purpose for a considerable length of time. One of the things my kids quickly learnt is never, ever whinge about how badly off they are because I can tell you the sort of stories than will make your hair stand up straight & fall right out! No child from a white, middle class, western world culture should ever whinge they are hard done by! End of story. They are marrying babies to old men in Africa, selling them into sex slavery in the Middle East & plain shooting them to death like vermin in Brazil. I shoot my mouth of a lot on occasion. Liddy was on the receiving end of one of my rants; the one about shooting the street kids in Brazil. It roused her horror & empathy. She worried at it like a dog with a choice bone. It bore unexpected fruit. It was as though God stretched out his finger & said, "You".

So far as Liddy is concerned it has been a slow & painful process waiting on the Lord, growing in the Lord, being patient while He put everything in place. Liddy is not one of my patient children. Actually I don't think I have any patient children. She has fretted & fussed, ranted & raved, despaired & desponded, questioned if God really meant it when He said, "You". It seems He really did after all. This is the opening we are asking for prayer on. She has nearly 12 months to prepare for this. Twelve months to be sure this is God's leading in her life. Twelve months to garner a prayer base. Notice street kids & soccer ~ the two great loves of Liddy's life!

So if you are the praying sort ~ & I know quite a few of you are ~ please pray for Liddy & God's leading on her life but also pray for the rest of us because we are called to let her go & fulfil the destiny of God on her life. I'm not stupid enough to think this will be easy. Chile is a long, long way from home. Two years can seem like an eternity.

Just one thing though, Lid: when you get lost in some strange Chilean city, don't ring home & ask me to get on the net, look up the city map & talk you to your destination! I won't thank you for it & I will worry far to much about you being let lose on your own!


Persuaded said...

Hon, you know I will be praying for dear Liddy. In fact I am honored to do so. That girl has had my heart since I read her first blog post... I think she and I share some of the same (for lack of a better word) burdens from the Lord. I won't be able to go to a foreign orphanage or to minister to street children myself, but I can pray for her as she does♥

Oh, and I got your email t'other day... don't ever feel you need to "keep up correspondence" with me, dear. I know you well enough to know that you are busy and have limited time, and I also know you well enough to know that you'll be thinking of me and praying even when I don't hear from ya. Just as I think of you and keep you and your family in my prayers, my friend.

Birbitt said...

What an amazing opportunity! I will certainly keep miss Liddy in my prayers that if this is truly God's calling for her that he will open all the doors and will give dear momma peace about it. I think it's wonderful that she has the heart for doing this type of thing...I wouldn't be able to handle it myself I'd be in tears that I want to bring them all home with me. Prayers with you all!

Ganeida said...

Diane: Don't tell me, girl, it doesn't lift the heart some to find an unexpected e~mail from a friend. ☺

Birbitt: Thanks, hon. Prayer is always good but we particularly covert everyone's prayers on this one.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Sounds perfect for Liddy. If it's to be, it will happen. And God will keep her safe.


Ganeida said...

Siano, my love: Actually knowing us, you know how imperfect we are ☺ but Liddy hasn't had a no on this yet. Everything is just sliding into place ~ as things tend to do when they are God ordained.

Molytail said...

Wow, Chile?? That *is* a long ways from home! It does indeed seem like it was designed specifically with her in mind, awesome. Funny how God often brings these things along ~ even if it does take longer than a person wanted LOL (I've never been the most patient of people either)

..and of course I will pray, for her & for all of you. <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Ganeida,
I'd be honoured to pray for Liddy and God's leading on her life.

Have a great week.

Ganeida said...

Moly: Thanks love.

Jillian: Believe me, every single prayer is appreciated round here. Lid is feeling clear enough to have taken the next step & mailed in her commitment to OM today for their official consideration. They've already interviewed us all!!! almost 3 years ago when Liddy was thinking Brazil ~ before she broke her collar bone. We felt she was a little young & spiritually immature but no longer. This time they did it over the phone! lol And she knows all the people she's dealing with. I think it's gouing to be some ride! Another *Wheeeee* moment...

Jeanne said...

Hooley Dooley, life is never dull over at your place! I can't decide which post to comment on first now that Sarah has gone and I have time to actually have a bit of a catch-up.

Now I am a traveller, and I am not Liddy's mum, and so for me this sounds the most wonderful news. I am so excited for her! If I were you - which I'm not - I would already be planning my wardrobe. Mine - not Liddy's you'll notice!!

I am excited to pray for God's guidance on her life - and for you as you come to terms with the implications of her decision. Boy, your blog is going to get interesting!

Ganeida said...

Jeanne:You & I do think alike. My first thought ~ overseas hols for the next 2 years! lol

Actually, Lid is going to update her own blog shortly [links in my sidebar for Lobstar] but we've had 10 years preparing for this moment though it's still a shock now it's actually arrived! ☺

LobStar_89 said...

lol well mum you seem to think this will be it, meh maybe maybe not, we shall see... I've updated my blog so if anyone is interested I've been writting all afternoon :) hope it gives an update of how I've been travelling and thanks to anyone who will take the time to pray for guidence and direction... or for me :) :) :)

Jan Lyn said...

Wow, I'm coming in late here. What an opportunity..I AM the praying type and will hold your daughter and family in the Light. :)

Ganeida said...

Jan Lyn: We always have so much going on here knowing others take a moment to pray for us is a real blessing & such a joy to us. Thank you. ☺

Anonymous said...

I never knew Liddy was going for 2 years... That will be an awesome experience for her though... I will keep Liddy in my thoughts and hope that no matter what nothing changes.. This is something Liddy has wanted to do her whole life and something that she will never forget.. This is Liddys type of work... All the best