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Friday, June 29, 2012

The cat has too much spirit to have no heart. ~ Earnest Manuel

 There is a reason I keep cats.  This is not why.

Marlow is just interested in keeping me company.  His Rumbling Purr accompanies me, lolling all over my keyboard does interesting things.

Kirby is either rolling round on my lap or constantly turning the printer on so he can stick his nose up the eject thingy & fish for the emerging paper or down the feeder to watch it disappear.
Both cats are happy to have me home.  Home, obviously, is where I should be, dancing attendance on them!

They are good for nothing.  They spend all day grooming themselves, sleeping & eating.  They neither spin, nor do they catch rodents ~ but if I dare dissappear, even for a moment, from my well defined place there is a most terrible yowling.

There are worse things than to be loved by a cat.


Julie B. said...

I think it's one of God's gifts to be loved by a pet. Even though our schnauzers are so frustratingly yippy, Sara and I often grin and say to each other, "God gave us Edith and Mildred to increase our joy!"

Your kitties are quite pretty. xxoo

Joyfulmum said...

lol! just what I needed to brighten up my afternoon!
Dont they say that dogs have masters and cats have servants, or something to that effect? :)

Finding Joy said...

I am so pleased to hear that other cats turn on printers, Ruby is always turning on the printer whilst she is sitting on it and then enjoys the noise it makes when I turn it off.

Cats are wonderful creatures with such funny humour, I came home last night and called out to Ruby, no cat in sight at all, she is usually at the front door. After searching, I look in her new "toy" a printer box with her tunnel stuck into it - and sure enough out she came at great speed which of cause surprised me know end, I can imagine her sitting in the box whilst I was looked for her having a good chuckle, thinking it was so funny hidding!! Who says cats don't have a sense of humour!!!

seekingmyLord said...

"There are worse things than to be loved by a cat."

...unless that cat is Jamie Muffin, but safe for you to say not, being on the opposite side of the world!

Hawthorne said...

I love my cats, they are the joy of my life! I love the way Luna greets me with an inquisitive "Brrrrow?" when I come home. I love the way Bramble throws all dignity aside when asking for a tummy tickle, waving his legs in the air. I love the way Luna kneads blankets intently, pure bliss on her face. And I love the way Bramble just has to see what I'm up to. I praise God every day for bringing my two mini-panthers into my life.

Ganeida said...

Waving in passing, Ladies. Hi Hawthorne. I know you from Ember's, don't I?

Hawthorne said...

Yes, that's right! I found you through Ember ;-) x x