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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday, Sunday...

The god who is reputed to have created fleas to keep dogs from moping over their situation must also have created fundamentalists to keep rationalists from getting flabby. Let us be duly thankful for our blessings. ~Garrett Hardin

Being neither a rationalist nor a fundamentalist I can only giggle because I am more with Chesterton:Let your religion be less of a theory and more of a love affair. Love affairs are messy but but have the inestimable value of being all about relationship & nothing whatsoever to do with dogma.

I can't argue Christianity. I wouldn't even try. I leave that for Liddy who seems to think you can argue people into things. If that were true we'd all be rationalists because I'm pretty sure Christianity is the most contradictory, illogical, religion out there ~ except for one thing. The bible pulls no punches when it comes to discussing human behaviour & humans have got to be the most irrational, illogical creatures God made. We don't seem to be real strong on consistency either which means we can say one thing & do another without even blinking an eye.

Over the years I have worshipped in all sorts of places. Our mangrove walk is my all time favourite place ~ except for the swarms of mozzies & an incoming tide. Stave churches are nice but questions would be asked if I erected one of these in the back yard. So having *church* in my living room doesn't rattle my brain box too much. The very first churches met in each others homes because all a church is, if you want to get technical, is the body of believers & not a building.

It was a very quiet & humble beginning to home churching on Sunday ~ & a jolly good thing. The Lord knows us very well & made sure we weren't overwhelmed & that was a good thing too because the house went under spiritual attack. You would think I would learn but I remain convinced we are so useless & unimportant I can never believe the demonic hordes would be the least interested in any of us. Nevertheless the fact remains that on Friday Dearest, who is not prone to headaches [they're my province] went down with a terrible headache that medication wasn't relieving. He went to bed very early & slept like the dead. Saturday I woke under the sort of oppression I only normally get if I'm preaching. This is not good news for my household who tend to avoid me under such circumstances as being something of a Jonah & best avoided. I see their point but it's no fun for me either. Dearest annoyed me no end by rejoicing that it was more confirmation. I saw his point but I can seriously do without that sort of confirmation.

The girls were asked to put some music together. They're the ones with all the Christian CDs. Dearest & I rely on the radio. Liddy really got into it & chose a Rebecca St James & a Casting Crowns song for us to listen too that she knew Ditz liked though Ditz is terror struck she will be asked to take on the music ministry & is pretending she's not here. We wouldn't do that to her. It's important that the girls feel a part of this too though Ditz seems to be having some sort of spiritual crisis at the moment. She wants to be careful because the Lord is a far better disciplinarian than I am. Liddy was validated. Her choice of songs spoke to people ~ tears in the eyes even ~ so she was pretty chuffed as she toddled off back to work.

We need to relook at how we slot Liddy in because of the disruption to what's going on & we still have some kinks to iron out with everyone else but I am hopeful something worthwhile will evolve so long as we listen carefully to the Lord's leading & don't go chasing after our own phantoms. For the first time in a long while Sunday has resumed the sort of ambiance it should have & we were given a word from Revelation to the church at Philipi which sort of spun me out. I might have thought it was all in my head except that it was confirmed.

By the time we were done I felt like a wrung out dishcloth. I do find people exhausting ~ interesting & fun but exhausting non the less. I was pleased to crawl into my bed last night & sleep the sleep of the just but I woke this morning feeling spiritually refreshed & with my spirit singing so even though it was a lot less than perfect yesterday something was very right because I would certainly not be feeling so spiritually well today if it was wrong. We've had a lot of experience with spiritual sickness last year & are well acquainted with how that leaves us feeling. This is a nice change. It is not feeling burdensome either & that is always a good sign that we are on track. I am looking forward to next week.


MamaOlive said...

Sounds awesome. Of course I want particular details, and of course you are all about the feelings. :-)
I seriously enjoyed the scene where your hubby rejoiced in the confirmation. I get myself in trouble a lot by saying things like that.
I'm guessing he doesn't get to "go to church" with you when you go, so it must be nice to worship together at home.

Persuaded said...

and i am looking forward to hearing how all of this progresses. home churching sounds like a marvelous thing to me. i do like my church very much, but sometimes it all does get to be a bit much. going back to the simple, the original is a *good* thing, i think.
blessings to you, my friend, and i will be sure to keep your home in my prayers((hugs))

Mrs. C said...

I find people exhausting as well. I have to laugh at your mosquito comment though! :]

Sandra said...

I'm glad for you that you tried this. You believe in your faith and your God. You don't need a building to validate any of it, only yourselves, and other people of a like mind if you find them.

Duchess said...

Hey there...really enjoyed this. Its kind of what I've been thinking about lately, glad you got the courage to step out and do it. And it does sound just so right too.

As for me, I've been a bit disconnected of late and its been aimed at God (who apparently can take it)...lots going on in my head and out of consequently, the blog has been sadly neglected...

I'll try to write soon but I won't promise much.

All is well. Love to you all.