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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Do you read your spam?

Several months ago I found the spam comments thingy ~ & man, oh, man!  is that an entertaining experience!  At present, 'cause I haven't deleted yet, I have someone offering me choices of male models......!!!! Seriously?  What do they think I do with my time? Male models.  In the alltogether.  Umm.....thank you for thinking of me but no.  Just no, ok. As my darling Star would say, I'm already mentally disturbed enough.  This stuff I do not need.

However someone else thinks I need a bridal gown that Trafficks the floor & has a coach! Then it helps prevent around my current ankles...I howled over that one.  Who writes this stuff?  And I am to be aided fascinating...

I don't think I'm the one who needs help here.

Meanwhile the banks who assure me they would like to deposit lots of lovely American money in my account if I will just had over all my personal details have gone one better & are now warning me not to be taken in by each other! lol I've never yet met a lawyer I could understand but perhaps someone should point out to these scammers they might do better if their English wasn't so outlandish?  Still, if I want to know how to phrase an English sentence really badly & have a good laugh while I do it I know where to go! It's as close as my inbox.

What's your best howler, ladies?


seekingmyLord said...

I have this friend, who writes a blog....

Julie B. said...

If you mean my best spam howler and not just a good howler in general, I'm not sure I have much to share. The things I find in my spam folder always have three words intentionally misspelled in hopes they'll get through. Those words start with V, P and another V. Dumb.

Ganeida said...

Really, seeking? Now who would that be, I wonder....?

Julie: Maybe I just have a really weird sense of humour? Seriously? Current ankles? What happens when they pass their use by date?